Transmission #1: Just Give Up?

If I were to tell you that the world has gone mad I surely wouldn’t be telling you anything you’ve not already figured out for yourself.

Things are bad out there; if you’re reading this book you likely know what I’m talking about. If you’re a young man it may even seem as though the world as it exists today has been built with the express purpose of beating you down. It has been. The social, political and economic landscape of the world as we know it has been meticulously constructed to keep you awake at night wondering if it’s all worth it. To keep you feeling passively ineffectual. To keep you from aspiring.

I urge you to muster whatever mental strength you have to silence these thoughts. Nihilism, the idea that everything we do is for nothing, is a mental poison that ruins men and steals away their potential and futures. 

Nihilism is everywhere. It’s in vogue to act as though you couldn’t care less about anything. Nihilism is waved under our noses daily in acts of constant psychological warfare. It’s sold to us in film. It’s sold to us in modern art. It’s sold to us in modern literature. It’s sold to us on the news. It’s sold to your children with bright colours and easily-repeatable jokes in their cartoons. Subtle things like the homogenization of popular music and the increasingly featureless nature of the architecture that surrounds us are carefully engineered to push you towards a passive, comfortable ineffectuality without you even noticing it. 

It’s the path of least resistance and at times it’s tempting. When the news informs you of the latest hysteria there is always the temptation to simply say that it doesn’t matter. Nothing does. “I don’t care.” They know this and they wish these feelings upon you. The economic architects and social engineers of our society spend inconceivable amounts of money each year to make you feel this way because men who have felt the spiritual health that comes with setting oneself to a meaningful task and seeing it through don’t get their validation from owning the most expensive products. Self-actualized men don’t scrape their sense of self worth together from social media likes, they don’t go to great lengths to conform to the pop culture zeitgeist of the day, they don’t see materialism as the be-all end-all source of earthly joy. A man in touch with his spirituality has very little regard for the unspoken social credit system that has slowly spread throughout the west. 

This man takes his joy from within, from the world around him, the community he builds and lives in and the legacy he leaves behind, knowing that he has imparted change on the world; that what he has done matters. This man is not conducive to their system. He is a cog in a machine that has suddenly stopped spinning the way his masters wish him to. 

You’re always free to give in to whatever dark thoughts those in power have spent years imprinting upon you, but before you do I hope you’ll consider this: they would have no need for their all-encompassing propaganda machine if a life of spiritual health and self-actualization were truly impossible.