Submission Requests

If you wish to see your album/demo/EP released by Old Mill Artifacts, please send an email to Greater consideration will be given to bands who have previously released material either independently or through another label. This is especially true if your band has already released physical copies. 
Please include a link to a Bandcamp page, or information as to where your release may be streamed. 
Keep in mind that Old Mill Artifacts maintains a strict aesthetic and ethos. We are a folk metal label, but if your album sounds like Alestorm we will not release it. Artists who share in our values and worldview will be given the highest consideration. 
If you wish to contribute to a future edition of Old Mill Engravings ,please submit an email to detailing your credentials, the subject you wish to write about, a link to your previous work if any is available, and a sample of your writing. 
Old Mill Engravings stands for tradition, strength and celebration of culture and stands against hedonism, modernity and personal weakness. Please consider this fact before you make your submission.