Submission Requests

 Old Mill Productions maintains a strict aesthetic and ethos. We work only with artists whose dedication to their craft is beyond question and we take great pride in working with artists who refuse to compromise in the execution of their vision.


If you wish to join our roster, please note the following:


  • We are a folk metal label. We have no interest in releasing raw or atmospheric black metal that does not feature folk instrumentation. We do not release dungeon synth.
  • We believe that the way in which you present your art is nearly as important as the art itself. We do not release albums with digitally-painted cover art. See Alestorm for an example of this.
  • We do not work with artists who simply see folk music as a flavouring or gimmick. You may also use Alestorm for reference here. 
  • When submitting your music for consideration, please include a link which I can follow to stream your music. Bandcamp is the preferred platform for this. 
  • While we do not police the politics of our artists, if the impetus of your band is to spread communist, anarchist or national socialist ideology, kindly take it elsewhere. 


We uphold strict criteria so that we may dedicate as much time and effort as possible to bands that we feel are deserving of it. If you feel that your place is here, please do not hesitate to reach out to






Old Mill Productions