Afsky - Oft jeg drommer mig dod Definitive Edition

Afsky - Oft jeg drommer mig dod Definitive Edition

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Simply put, this album is about death. Grief and destitution manifest themselves in bleak autumnal soundscapes. The entire album feels awash in auditory sepia. With Oft jeg drømmer mig død Afsky have refined their folkloric black metal into something quite special indeed.


In this edition you will receive:


The album on professionally-duplicated white cassette and housed in a white case.


Several jingle bells.


A bottle of foliage.


A woven white drawstring bag.


One traditional corn dolly hand-made by Birch Bones (Instagram: @birchbonescraft)


One autumnal brown and blue Old Mill pin.


One wooden candleholder, fashioned by Ancient Idols (Instagram: @ancientidols)  and made to resemble the house in the background of the album’s cover.


One golden yellow candle made in a Russian monastery and wrapped in corn stalk.